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Boku No Roblox is a My Hero Academia Inspired game on Robloxcom More information about the game is in the Discord! | 147861 members.

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The fame system is what determines whether you are a villain or a heroYour actions in the game determine the amount of fame you earn which is added to your total fame count Killing villains will make you gain points while killing heroes will make you lose points If you have negative fame you are considered a villain If you have a fame higher than zero you are considered a.

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Foldabody is better now thanks to Aizawa’s scarf and the other 3 are worse now because of Aizawa’s scarf Hellflame and Dark Shadow together with Aizawa’s scarf is the best quirk+gear combo in the game I could write an entire THESIS on how busted that shit is with video evidence Jeez im so stupid I thought this was boku no roblox but its.

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Boku no hero academia alias/aka Edgeshot is quite intelligent and is good at analysing situations and strategy 06/01/2021 quirk of edgeshot in my hero academia (mha) explained Foldabody grants the user the ability to manipulate the thinness of their body as well as stretch their limbs 4 after all might’s retirement.

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I know its weird to be doing hugbox They got deleted or

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